The rustic style in luxury homes: handmade terracotta

Pavimenti rustici in cotto

The rustic style in luxury homes: handmade terracotta

The rustic style in luxury homes: handmade terracotta 1200 800 Krei

The rustic style, thanks to its indisputable charm, is conquering an ever-increasing range of enthusiasts who are attracted by the desire to combine practicality with luxury.

Characteristics of the rustic luxury style:

Stone, bricks, handmade terracotta and wood are the constituent materials used in the construction of rustic luxury homes, where the style is characterized by extreme sobriety, which never borders on excess. Over the years, the rustic has kept its typically country imprint unaltered, mixing with apparently distant stylistic settings, such as modern or industrial, which have allowed reinterpretations of considerable interest. No longer only for country houses, but also for elegant city homes, luxury rustic has become a trendy style that can win the admiration of a broad trend. One of the key points of these settings is represented by the floors in antique terracotta, a particularly warm, elegant material that is well suited to any decor.

The living area in rustic style:

An example of rustic living includes stone walls, terracotta floors and a lot of solid wood, preferably natural, used both for furnishing accessories and for exposed beams on the ceiling. For modern lovers, a living area that refers to the rustic style includes contemporary furniture with a minimalist design, embellished with some precious antique piece in raw wood, of great impact, or with marble furnishing accessories with a refined taste.

The kitchen:

The kitchen is the room that lends itself most to a rustic luxury setting. By choosing solid wood furniture alternating with stone worktops, and placing them on a wooden floor, you can create a typically rustic and elegant atmosphere. A particularly successful alternative is that of shabby-style painted furniture which, alongside a sophisticated country style, is able to combine the elegance of rattan finishes.

The dining room:

In the dining area it is the table that attracts the attention; if you want to furnish the room in perfect rustic style, there is nothing better than a long tavern table, in solid wood, to be combined with refined Viennese straw chairs.
A very interesting proposal is also to combine a few Plexiglas chairs with a painted wooden table, whose role becomes a catalyst for the harmony of the whole.


Being able to take advantage of the wooden ceiling and floor, the luxury rustic furniture can only be oriented towards upholstered beds, preferably characterized by neutral fabrics, with colorful blankets and many pillows. In the presence of stone walls and flooring where ancient terracotta is the characterizing element, the furnishings include simple Provencal-style painted furniture, very elegant in their extreme simplicity.

The bathroom:

For the bathroom, the rustic style offers the opportunity to create a setting of great elegance, enriched by treated wood floors which are also the furnishings of the sanitary ware. Those lucky enough to be able to take advantage of vaulted ceilings can furnish the bathroom using terracotta floors and stone walls, with bathroom fixtures inserted in natural wood furniture.

The terrace:

Being able to have a terrace, the obligatory choice is “practicity”, that allows you to use it in an ideal way. Also for this setting, terracotta offers the opportunity to set up a corner of extreme enjoyment, where the presence of rattan sofas and armchairs, enriched with multicolored pillows, is able to create a perfect “relax corner”. By adding a shabby touch with some lighting or some industrial sofa made with wooden pallets, it is possible to create an atmosphere of great charm.

Characteristics of the rustic luxury style:

Born as a poor style, relegated to the country houses of peasants and workers, now the rustic style has become the symbol of elegant choices.
Cozy, warm, intimate but also very refined, this kind of furniture is suitable not only for country houses but is ideal for lofts, open spaces or attic apartments. The first characteristic of the rustic style is to opt for the white color, to be used as wall covering, fixtures, accessories and linen, in order to offer ample scope to this style, which could appear a little stuffy.
Also be careful to avoid an overly invasive presence of wood, interrupting its monotony with well-calibrated touches of color.
To counterbalance the natural wood effect, for example, the use of lacquered furniture with bright colors is recommended. The rustic style must be able to offer a minimal experience, through skilful decluttering works, which involves the elimination of any superfluous object.
Finally, we must remember that the presence of plants and flowers perfectly matches the rustic and elegant style.

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