The use of marble in luxury hotels

L'Utilizzo del marmo negli hotel di lusso

The use of marble in luxury hotels

The use of marble in luxury hotels 1200 800 Krei

The use of marble in luxury hotels

Today we talk about how important the use of marble in luxury hotels can be to give it that right of luxury and elegance at the same time.

Furnishing accessories in marble and marble surfaces are ideal to use to accentuate the luxury of accommodation facilities (hotels).
Marble is characterized by a high aesthetic value, capable of giving luxury and splendor to any environment: to this is added its versatility, which makes it excellent in all circumstances.

Not infrequently marble is used by luxury brands to create exclusive products of excellent workmanship. Such items give a real touch of class to hotels, which acquire a unique charm in the eyes of the guests and emerge in the tourist landscape for the furnishings with attention to the smallest details.

Choosing the right raw material can make the difference, as long as the coatings are sanitized correctly and washed with suitable detergents: for this reason, it is essential to train the cleaning staff in hotels about the best marble treatment techniques. Otherwise, in fact, you would risk ruining it.

With some precautions, the material in question reveals an unparalleled artistic and decorative potential.
The important thing is to pursue the objectives of harmony and balance, not difficult to achieve with a much sought-after option.

The advantages of using marble in luxury and design hotels

The positive sides of marble floors – as well as coatings and accessories – are numerous, starting with their strength and the ability to withstand wear and the passage of time. The use of this solution represents an investment for the present and for the future of a hotel, where it is essential that the surfaces are solid and long-lasting.

The floors of the hotels, by their very nature, are crossed every day by dozens and dozens of people. A poor material would sooner or later fall prey to wear and tear and constant trampling: this will not happen with marble, which with some small care remains as new despite the passing of the years.
It is not very sensitive to even heavy loads, which is why it has been so popular and appreciated since ancient times.

Even the external areas of the hotels, such as the gardens and courtyards, can be enhanced with marble elements. The latter are little affected by the action of bad weather and humidity, especially if strengthened with adequate processing procedures.
Tourists love to look at furnishing accessories that meet high aesthetic standards, which undoubtedly include marble floors and stairways for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The splendor and versatility of marble in hotels

Another, exceptional advantage that derives from the use of this material consists in its pure white beauty. The coatings obtained from marble strike the eye with their suggestive veins and with the incredible range of colors and shades: they are, in fact, a real pleasure for the eyes.
This raw material can be customized with a wide choice of finishes, which make the articles of the most famous brands immediately recognizable.

We must also keep in mind the eclecticism of marble, which can be used for a myriad of creations intended for the interior and exterior of luxury hotels.
Floors have already been mentioned several times, whose continuous, joint-free surface is synonymous with comfort and quality.
However, marble is also perfect for wall coverings, even better if it matches the flooring.

Attention to detail is necessary in a hotel, which is why design experts often use this solution for furnishing the rooms.
A visitor, at the end of a long journey, will be happy to contemplate a wonderful marble mosaic, a fireplace enriched with marble inserts and a coffee table made of the same material.
Not to mention the vases, ornaments, garden fountains, all characterized by geometric and minimal lines and an extraordinary cleanliness of the shapes.

The choice of shades of marble based on the style and use in design hotels

Before identifying the most suitable type of marble, it is important to reflect on the style of the hotel and the image that you want to convey to tourists who cross the threshold.
There are many kinds of marble, different in color and shades: it will be easy to find the most suitable one for each context, so as to embellish the structure with taste and elegance.

Traditional hotels, for example, require classic colors such as timeless white, beige, pearl and cream.
The most modern furnishings, on the other hand, need more original tones, even if they are bold: on the market there are slabs of black, pink, orange, onyx, blue, red and sky blue marble. Those who dedicate themselves to interior design are really spoiled for choice, as long as the colors reflect the soul of the hotel and the impression aroused in the eyes of the guests.

Architects know well how essential it is for every single detail of a room to blend in with the surrounding space.
Such a result is not complex to obtain if you use marble, a true guarantee for any luxury brand.
Moreover, the material in question is masterfully combined with many other raw materials, from wood to glass, from ceramics to natural stone, passing through metal and wrought iron.

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