Guide to laying marble: how to do it right

Guida alla posa del marmo: come farlo nel modo giusto

Guide to laying marble: how to do it right

Guide to laying marble: how to do it right 996 666 Krei

Guide to laying marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock, consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, a material known since ancient times for its strength and brightness.

In all its different forms, marble is undoubtedly one of the noblest materials used in construction and architecture, capable of giving a sense of richness to any environment, even if there are some small precautions to be taken when laying the marble.

But how should the marble be laid?

The laying of marble is a very delicate procedure that requires great professionalism and attention to the smallest details since laying the marble incorrectly can cause various damages to the flooring such as lines, rust spots or halos.
Below is a brief guide to laying marble.

To be sure to perform the marble laying procedure correctly, it is advisable to rely on a team of experts in the sector, able to do the job more easily thanks to the experience gained over the years.

Below we will illustrate some practical rules to be respected diligently for a correct marble installation:

  • Preparation of the laying surface: it is essential that the surface on which the marble flooring is to be placed is absolutely homogeneous, compact, dry and free of dust and wax residues (which can prevent the marble from adhering perfectly). This is a fundamental step since even a difference of a few millimeters can compromise the entire installation.
  • Preparation of the glue: compared to the past in which the installation took place thanks to a mix of lime, water and cement, currently a glue is used that preserves the real splendor of the material. The adhesive must be easy to apply, have a good seal and dry quickly.

It is very important for some types of material to use the right glue as it could create the phenomenon of “rising”, that is spots that could occur once laid.

  • Drafting: the drafting must be carried out taking into account the progress of the cut and the vein. Each of them must be laid perfectly adherent to the others, immediately eliminating any glue smears before they dry out.
  • Drying: once the floor has been laid, before walking on it, it is advisable to wait at least 24/48 hours and then cover it to avoid passages that could compromise the installation.

When laying the marble, the operations to be carried out in the following days are also fundamental, such as:

  • Grouting: This is the sealing of the joints in the flooring. This mixture is poured onto the surface and carefully spread without dirtying the laid marble.

In recent years, many projects have been carried out by inserting strips of brass or decorated iron into the joints with truly magnificent results.

  • Floor sanding and polishing: after laying and grouting the joints, you can move on to the final phase which involves sanding and polishing the floor.

It is not always necessary and often not required.

The most used sanding technique is diamond sanding: the special diamond disc must be mounted on the polisher and passed over the entire floor to polish it perfectly.

What to avoid:

  • Use of poor quality materials that may be too porous, leading to the formation of indelible stains and halos in the event of overturning of greasy or colored products such as oil and wine.
  • Adoption of slabs that are too thin (especially for outdoor floors): the cycles of freezing and thawing during the winter could cause the real breakdown of the elements.
  • Use of marble with irregular thickness: to avoid the formation of unsightly steps.


At this point you are surely wondering: what is the price for laying a marble floor?

To estimate the price it is first of all necessary to define the type of material to be used (composition, size, thickness), the type of processing to be adopted and the dimensions of the surface to be coated.

To find out more, we invite you to request a personalized and free consultation, so that you can have illustrated all the various phases and the procedure for laying the marble for your home and provide you with a tailor-made quote for you.

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