Furnishing home with marble floors: which one to choose? Expert advice

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Furnishing home with marble floors: which one to choose? Expert advice

Furnishing home with marble floors: which one to choose? Expert advice 839 484 Krei

Furnishing home with marble floors: which one to choose?

Marble floors are undoubtedly one of the most popular materials in home design for their prestige and timeless charm.

Marble is a versatile and resistant material, with a shiny appearance, which with its natural colors and its particular veins manages to make the furniture in any room of the house more luxurious and luminous.
Before choosing the marble with which to furnish your home, it is advisable to rely on a team of experts in the sector able to show you all the aspects to consider and to orient you correctly on the choice of the material suitable for your needs.

The choice of marble floors to furnish your home must be made taking into account several factors: the size of the environment, the style of furnishing of the house, the taste of those who live there, the style and colors of the furniture and the different accessories of the house.

If you have decided to furnish your home with marble flooring, you are in exactly the right place.

The choice of a marble floor as furniture in a home is very important, since it is an element that must last over time and that is not easily replaced, as is the case, for example, with the color of the walls or the decorative elements.

The floors made of marble can be used in any room, thanks to the eclectic nature of the material able to marry with multiple types of furniture: not only in the living area and in the dining room, but also in the bedroom, in the study, in the kitchen, in the bathroom.

Marble is a natural stone that comes in numerous colors: it takes on a different tone and texture based on the mineral fragments present in it including clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, silica.

Among its advantages we have not only the resistance to shocks and abrasions but also the possibility of opting for the shade you prefer.


Here are some tips to correctly match a marble floor with the furniture of your home:

  • Black Marquina Marble floor: it is an intense black marble with fine grain crossed by very elegant and refined white veins. Although it manages to give that extra touch to any environment, you need to pay attention to how to match it as it tends to draw all the attention to itself by removing the light from the room. If the rooms are large and bright, you can combine it with dark furnishings that reflect the tone; if, on the other hand, you fear that there is little light, focus on light colors for walls and furnishing accessories (beige, ivory, light wood, etc.).
  • Carrara White Marble floor: with a color ranging from white to grey with shaded gray veins, it is one of the best known and appreciated marbles for its elegance. Choosing a light marble floor for your home means giving a sense of brightness and freshness to the environment. It offers the possibility to choose both dark wood furniture, and therefore a contrasting style of furniture, and furnishing accessories in soft colors that fade towards pastel shades, for an effect called “tone on tone”.
  • Pink Marble floor: the ideal choice for small and poorly lit rooms. Match it with walls with soft and not bright colors and preferably with a type of classic furniture.

The most used marble to decorate the floors of the house, the Portuguese Rose is certainly the best known and appreciated.

  • Green Marble floor: We find several and among the most common we have the Green Alps, the Green Guatemala and the Green Saint Denis.

Highly requested and present in interior design projects, it is used for floor coverings and often also for bathroom tops.

  • Black / White chessboard marble floor: typical of the 70s, it is the ideal choice for vintage or contemporary furnishings.
  • Emperador Dark or Brown Marble floor: a marble with a characteristic dark brown color with black spots with hazelnut and cream colored veins, perfect for modern furnishings.

Of this type, there is also a version called Emperador Light, a lighter brown and with hazelnut and white veins.

  • Gray Marble floor: There are several solutions and types that can vary and be used not only for floors and walls.

Among these: Bardiglio, Gray Stone and Carnico Gray are some types of marble that are always highly sought after and appreciated.

These are just some of our furniture ideas.

Request an appointment and talk to our experts to clarify any doubts and receive personalized and free advice.

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