Furnish your home with natural materials

Arredare casa con materiali naturali:

Furnish your home with natural materials

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Furnishing your home with natural materials: the importance of relying on an expert.

One of the most important aspects to consider in order to furnish your home is undoubtedly the choice of materials to be used.
In recent years, the preference for natural materials has grown stronger, an eco-friendly and trendy choice to furnish the home in a harmonious way while respecting the environment.
For an amazing final result it is always advisable to contact an expert in the sector, who knows the natural materials to perfection and can be able to provide you with the solution that suits your needs.

Natural materials: which ones to choose and where to use them?

Natural stones were the first material used by man for their buildings: their peculiarity is that of being able to blend refinement with practicality.
Among the natural stones most used to build and furnish a home we currently have marble, slate, granite, porphyry, lava stone and sandstone.
Natural stones are generally used in the furnishing sector for kitchen and bathroom furniture (walls, support and work surfaces, washbasins), to create coverings and floors, to create fireplaces, statues, stairs, balustrades and specific wall structures such as arches and vaults.

But which one should you choose to be in tune with the type of home and the style of furniture? Which material is best suited? Which type is more suitable for a bathroom, for a kitchen counter? For flooring? In what format and thickness? Which one for a ladder? Marble, Granite or other?

For all these questions, an expert in natural materials can not only advise you and give you the right answer, but is also able to provide you with a valid alternative to reduce costs and furnish your home with the best quality / price ratio.

Below we will give you some interesting little notions, to help you better understand the world of coatings in natural materials.


It is undoubtedly the best known and most loved natural stone for its characteristics of resistance, value and beauty.
Thanks to the elegance of its colors and shades, it is the most used natural stone for the construction of floors and stairs in public and private environments.


An anti-slip material, very resistant to wear and to the action of chemical agents.
Due to its aforementioned characteristics, it is widely used as a kitchen counter, internal coverings and bathroom countertops.


A semi-hard metamorphic rock, easy to work with (it is widespread in the form of thin slabs) and resistant to wear and atmospheric agents.
Slate is used in architecture and construction for the construction of roofs, kitchen and bathroom floors, stairways and decorations for outdoor environments.


A volcanic rock, very resistant and versatile, made up of a glassy mixture that gives it a rough and non-slip surface.
Porphyry is mainly used for garden paving, paths, pool edges and wall cladding.


Let’s move on to a soft and sandy stone, much loved both for facade cladding (pillars, columns, low walls) and interior cladding (kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplaces, stairs, terraces).


Among the natural materials, terracotta could not be missing, a material widely used for the construction of floors for different living styles, which not only respects the environment but offers excellent thermal insulation.
The terracotta tiles represent a timeless classic and are able to give a warm elegance to the interiors, making them more intimate and sober.
Terracotta floors are also very popular for outdoors: frost-resistant and anti-slip, they adapt to any type of climate and weather condition.

These are just some of our proposals to be able to furnish your home with natural materials. 

If you would like more information and receive free personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us also via email to avail yourself of the support of our team of experts, always ready to guide you correctly in your project.

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