Black marble for luxury bathrooms

Marmo Nero per bagni di lusso

Black marble for luxury bathrooms

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Black marble for luxury bathrooms is now a certainty nowadays, now let’s try to explain why.

Is relying on black marble to embellish your bathroom in a classic and current style or gothic and outdated?

Black marble in the bathroom is a very classy element, which, if used with moderation and foresight in a bathroom, will give it a sophisticated look thanks to its particular and wonderful veins.

The idea of ​​architects and designers from all over the world is to reinterpret in a modern and contemporary way a material with a timeless charm, that is black marble, making use of its fluid trends, chromatic tones and different shades, making it and using it like a real work of art.

The keywords for this “Black Marble” material are: luxury, elegance and charm.
The uniqueness of this stone is capable of creating refined and atmospheric environments, even for the bathroom area.
It is easy to imagine that when we speak of Black Marble for Luxury Bathrooms we are referring only to a single piece of rock, rather than to a vast range of compositions that translate into as many shades, veins and uniqueness.

Among the most used and appreciated black marbles are mentioned:
Black Marquinia marble, Sahara Noir marble, Black Statuary marble, Portoro marble, Nero Antico and Black & Gold marble.

Elegant and stately, the black marble bathroom has returned a “must have” directly from the 1960s, conquering homes and buildings with a refined taste and attention to detail.
By using the Black Marble in the bathroom for the covering of sanitary ware, sinks, bathtubs or for luxury walls and floors, its extraordinary aesthetic result is guaranteed.
However, some precautions must be taken to make the black marble bathroom project a “luxury top” rather than a “flop”.

For those who have a rock and gothic soul or simply for those who love black and the importance it wears, it is good to keep in mind a few tricks to get the best results.

First of all, consider the size of the bathroom.

A small black marble bathroom will certainly not have the same aesthetic result as a larger bathroom, since black, being a dark color, tends to emphasize the majesty of a large environment and instead reduces the space of the smaller bathroom, giving thus the feeling of “shrinking”.
Not for this reason, those who do not have a large bathroom can deprive themselves of the use of this material, quite the opposite.
Marble is a versatile material, it manages to combine with different materials, whether they are marble of other colors or wood.
A striking design solution for smaller areas but also for larger ones comes from the combination of white and black.
Slabs of White Carrara Marble alongside the Black Marquinia Marble, will make the bathroom an evocative, elegant, luxurious and at the same time intriguing environment.
In addition to the marble itself, black marble also combines perfectly and with great ease with wood, a combo appreciated for the feeling of well-being and refinement it gives to the environment, excellent for the bathroom.

Another element that plays in favor of this choice is the color of the ceiling.

A dark color will tend to make the room dark and claustrophobic, while white, in contrast, does not disorient in experiencing the slightly dark atmosphere of the bathroom.
To conclude, black marble is always an excellent choice, whether it is for a small or larger bathroom, the important thing is to know how to enhance it.

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Concept – Studio Triplan, Roma
Realized by – Fratelli Marmo –
Location – Private Residence, Roma
Photo – Caterina Zavattaro

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pavimento in marmo corridoio

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bancone in marmo

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