Black marble floors

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Black marble floors

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Black marble floors either love each other or hate each other.

You know, the black color is the maximum expression of style in the world of design and furniture, especially in the floors, praised by architects and designers from all over the globe.

Marble in general, but especially if black, defines shapes and environments, making them extremely elegant.

In fact, marble is one of the most used and appreciated materials in the world for interior decoration and to give life to refined and trendy creations, moreover floors.

From the molecular point of view, this material is formed through a metamorphic process from sedimentary rocks and has a crystalline structure formed by calcium carbonate.
Its multiple colors and textures are the result of the presence of different materials, which, mixing with each other in a workmanlike manner, create unique pieces that enrich homes and buildings of all kinds, shapes and styles.

From pure white to night black, this material satisfies every need, from the most linear and classic to the most chaotic and modern.
The intense black surface characteristic of Black Marble is crossed by very thin white veins, which run along its entire width, presenting not only graphic motifs that are always different and unique, but also giving depth and completely unexpected perspectives, giving the produced a truly sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic.

The Black Marble represents a versatile and elegant solution to give importance and life to floors capable of hosting different styles, starting from the classic up to that of today, that is modern and minimal.

Its smooth and polished surface gives it a pleasant touch, making it particularly suitable for multiple applications in the field of design and furniture.
Having therefore positioned itself among the most elegant marbles, it is increasingly used for the creation of luxury and high-impact floors, but also for bathrooms and walls.

The enhancement of this color is very present in the world of design and architecture and not only in the field of fashion.

Despite being highly rated and particularly appreciated, you can often have doubts and fears about its use, fearing a dark and suffocating rendering.

To create a perfect black marble floor, you can follow some simple tricks that will help this material to release all its beauty and bring out the surrounding environment.
It is therefore good to keep in mind some elements that allow you to harmonize shapes and tones.

First of all, the size of the room.

Black, being a dark color, tends to emphasize the majesty of a large space and, at the same time, instead, in a more intimate place, the dark tone of the floor will tend to give the opposite effect, reducing the perception of space. .
Although it is therefore not recommended in smaller environments, for the more daring, we recommend the use of two marbles, one white which can be Bianco Carrara, and one black, such as Nero Marquinia marble, where, alternating the slabs between them , the result will be surprising.

In addition to carefully evaluating the spaces, it is also important to know where to place the light sources, whether natural or artificial.
To create atmosphere and give the right importance to the floor, the light sources should always be positioned on the sides, on the walls and not on the ceiling, since by shedding light directly on the floor, its characteristic effect is lost.
Another element that plays in favor in choosing a dark floor is certainly the ceiling, which, painted white, will give light and avoid the shrinking effect.

White furniture with clean lines is strongly recommended for this type of floor, thus giving it the main role, giving an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.
These are some tips for choosing the marble floor for your home.

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